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Property Management | 3 Ways To Get Your Rented Home Repairs Undertaken Swiftly

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If you live in a rental apartment, then you've got certain responsibilities to upkeep the property. But sometimes, things can go wrong and it isn't your fault. An electrical wire can go bad, a bathroom pipe can burst or a leak can appear out of nowhere on the roof. While you have to repair any damage you cause, your landlord is responsible for major problems that aren't your fault. This guide shows you ways to get your rented home repairs undertaken swiftly when dealing directly with your landlord or property management company.

Record The Repairs In Writing

Recording your repair needs in writing is always recommended because it eliminates any room for dispute later. You don't want to be in a position where the landlord deducts the repair costs from your rental bond without a written complaint because you will not be able to counter it in the court later. Recording any repair needs in writing also helps you put forth your needs in a more convincing manner. 

Document The Problem By Taking Pictures

Sometimes, a mere letter to the landlord or property management company isn't enough to explain the gravity of the situation. If the problem is serious, document it by taking pictures so that the landlord and property manager are fully aware of the situation. This may prompt them into quicker action because they obviously don't want any long-term problems with the home. For instance, a burst pipe will seep into walls and floors, which will affect structural integrity over time. Document pictures of water patches, burst pipes and puddles so that the landlord is compelled to take immediate action.

Follow The Procedures Needed For Repairs As Detailed In The Contract

Most rental contracts detail information about the procedures to be followed for urgent and non-urgent repairs. Make sure you follow them diligently to avoid any issues with your landlord later. By following these procedures listed in the contract when requesting repairs, your landlord cannot hold you responsible for anything that may have gone wrong in the apartment during this time. For instance, the lease may contain a list of approved repair technicians like plumbers and electricians who can either be contacted directly or through the property management company. If you get your own repair professional and something goes wrong, you may end up being responsible for not only the awry repair job, but also the added damage that results from it.

If you're looking to get your landlord or property management company to undertake repairs swiftly, follow these smart strategies.