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How to Save, and How to Avoid Overspending, on a Hotel Reservation

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When planning your next holiday, you may not have the option of staying anywhere but a hotel or motel. It can be cheaper to camp or stay in a youth hostel, but you may not appreciate sharing sleeping space with others in a hostel or sleeping in an uncomfortable tent while trying to enjoy your holiday. While hotels can sometimes be expensive, you can save money on your reservation and avoid overspending if you know what to look for and how to make your reservation wisely. Note a few tips you might consider.

Always consider carefully what's included

A pricier hotel might be more expensive because it has a fitness center, pool, and onsite restaurant. These can all be very nice for you, but only if you actually plan on using them while traveling. If you don't like swimming, know you'll never soak in a hot tub or sauna, and will be too busy to eat at the onsite restaurant, you're then only paying for amenities that are not necessary.

That being said, a hotel that includes a complimentary breakfast can mean paying less for a good breakfast at a restaurant, and one with onsite laundry can make it very convenient to ensure you have a clean suit and other clothes for your business meetings for the week. Don't overspend at a location that offers choices you don't need, but consider how some amenities offered by your hotel might actually make your trip cheaper and hassle-free overall.

Get their credit card

When making a reservation, you may be offered a credit card by the hotel, and are promised a certain discount if you apply. It can be good to apply and get that discount; if you get the credit card and are worried about racking up charges, just cut it up once it arrives! Having a card doesn't mean you need to use it, so take advantage of the discount but not the card itself.

Consider packages

A hotel might offer a package for your room, public transportation, entry fees to certain events or museums, and the like. Consider these carefully; like amenities at a hotel, they might save you money if you were planning on buying these things anyway. However, if you weren't planning on visiting a certain attraction or event, staying at that hotel and having that package deal can be a waste. Take the time to compare the cost of getting these things as a package versus buying them separately so you can save money but not overspend.