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Security Screen Doors: Structural Elements to consider Before Purchase

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The security screen door is a beneficial feature that you should incorporate into your home. This door reinforces the security provided against intruders through the primary residential entrances. In simple terms, the extra screen door will deter or at least the robber or burglar, giving you enough time to seek help. Moreover, the new structure will allow you to open the doors for ventilation and natural light without concerns for your safety. There are numerous security doors in the market, and they will offer different levels of protection. Here are the primary structural elements that you should consider before purchase to ensure that the security door is reliable.

Framing Material

The framing material is a critical module is a security door, so you should compare the options before purchase. Generally, you will find two main materials in the modern market: steel and aluminium. Steel is the most favourable choice because the metal is strong and heavy. This means that it cannot be easily bent or lifted from its position in the entranceway. On the other hand, the material will rust in humid environments, so choose galvanised or stainless steel. Aluminium is a lightweight alternative, so it can be warped using mechanical pressure. Therefore, if you choose this material, ensure that the metal is structural-grade, reinforced aluminium.

Infill Options

The type of infill in the security screen door will affect both your security and comfort. In simple terms, a weak infill will be penetrable with simple wire cutters and a poorly woven one will not allow natural light and breeze to flow into the house. The most reliable option for homes is the stainless steel mesh. This woven material is strong and can withstand mechanical impact and pressure. It is not susceptible to rusting, so the structure will not weaken over time. Often, this type has fine mesh that does not interfere with visual appeal. Steel bars or grilles are also very secure against intruders, but the structure will affect the home aesthetics. It is ill-advised to choose aluminium mesh because this lightweight material will be nothing more than a decorative flyscreen.

Locking Element

The locking component for your door should be selected carefully because it will determine the ultimate security provided. Simply speaking, an unreliable lock will make the security door will be easy to penetrate even when the other elements are secure. Therefore, choose a locking mechanism that will withstand picking and breakage attempts. For example, triple-lock systems will lock the top, bottom and centre locking elements for ideal security. 

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