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Commercial Real Estate: Choosing Ideal Retail Space

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The location of a retail store will affect the success of any business significantly. Therefore, it is important to carry out thorough research to ensure that the potential space will contribute favourably towards advancing your venture. It is advisable to hire a commercial real estate agent during the selection process. This will help you understand the intricacies of the current retail space market.

In addition, consider carrying out personal study in order to identify places that suit your preference and price range. Here are the primary factors to consider when choosing the ideal space for your retail store:


You should consider the accessibility of the retail space before signing the purchase or the lease contract. If the space will not be expedient for your potential customers, they will look for alternatives which are easier to reach. Choose a building which is located in a central trading area within your locality. Moreover, the space should be near and in clear view of the road or a main pedestrian walk.

If the store is far off the road or situated within an intricate maze in a commercial building, the potential clients will not find the space easily. You should also ensure that the property provides customer parking to prevent inconvenience.


It is important to evaluate the current population and the existing population trends in the trading area. You can acquire the information by obtaining the location demographics from sources such as the local library or chamber of commerce. It is important to note that high traffic in the trading area does not necessarily mean success for your business.

As a retailer, you should know your target market and determine whether a particular space is suited for the specific goods. This means that the traffic quality and quantity are important depending on the type of goods.

If you are selling convenience goods such as cigarettes, candy or other food items, you should focus on finding space based on the numbers. Shopping goods such as clothes and furniture are bought infrequently so you will require high-quality clientele. In such a case, choose a commercial building which is close to the highway and not too far away from suburban neighbourhoods with potential clients.

Neighbouring Businesses

The businesses situated next to your potential retail space can break or make your success. Look for commercial buildings with stores that can benefit your business. For instance, a small general retail store will thrive near a larger option. However, a high-end boutique will be destroyed by a discount variety shop.

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