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Real Estate | 3 Winning Strategies To Transform your Home Into a Kid-Friendly Haven

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While you don't need to blow a wad of cash on major renovations or transformations to your home, a few smart changes to your home's layout will make it a friendly spot for your kids to hang out. Not only is it a great way to let your kids enjoy a little healthy fun, but face it, it's also a great way to get them out of your hair for some peace and quiet time. Here are some winning strategies to create a kid-friendly haven, so your kids feel right at home.

Create a Family Entertainment Room

So you've got an extra guest bedroom that's not being used ever? There's no sense of letting a perfectly good room go to waste. Let your kids indulge in child-friendly entertainment by creating a family entertainment room equipped with an entertainment TV unit and some awesome board games for the kids to enjoy. To convert an unused room into a fully equipped entertainment zone, you'll simply need a coat of new paint, a sofa set and an entertainment unit. Add some more features like a reading zone for books or an art and craft zone to inspire your child's creativity. By creating a family entertainment room, your kids have a chance to have some fun without getting in your way.

Outdoor Play Spaces

It's healthy for children to play outdoors to rough them up a little. Your backyard is probably the best place to encourage it, since it gives you the opportunity to supervise them while getting on with your household chores. You can build all sorts of contraptions for your kids to enjoy in the comfort of your backyard. Build a swing or a rope bridge tied between two trees. Install a wooden zigzag balance beam to help your kids practice their balancing skills. Build your own tree house with your kids to give them a glimpse of hard work without taking the fun away.

Infuse Creativity into the Kids Bedrooms

You certainly cannot expect your child to appreciate the sheer curtains that you have in your own bedroom. You'll want your kids to have a bedroom that reflects their personality.  So think like your child and decide what they would like. For example, if your son is a racecar addict, perhaps you can get him a racecar bed. If your daughter loves her dolls, perhaps you can get a fashionable Barbie doll inspired duvet to keep her warm at night. Wall decals are great for adding cartoon characters, coloured shapes, planets and much more. The walls should be painted in bright colours to inspire a sense of levity and cheer.

Use these winning ideas to transform your home and property into a kid-friendly haven for your kids to feel more comfortable. Certain updates and renovations to a home could also help you if you needed to sell your home. If you have specific questions about real estate and buying or selling a home, contact a business like McGrath Real Estate Group.