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Why Every Real Estate Purchase Should Include a Buyer's Agent

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A buyer's agent is a professional who finds and then negotiates the purchase of real estate for a buyer. They can be very invaluable when you're looking to buy any type of real estate, from a residential home to an investment property. If you're in the market for new real estate and haven't thought of consulting with a buyer's agent, note a few of the benefits they can offer to you.

1. Wider access to available properties

It's easy to think that you can search the internet for property when you want to buy a home, apartment building, and so on. However, not every piece of property available is going to be listed on internet sites. This is because it typically costs a fee to have those properties listed, and a seller may not want to pay that fee for every property they have up for sale. Instead, they may list one or two properties and then assume that a buyer's agent or other professional will be able to contact them for their entire portfolio.

A buyer's agent may also have access to sites and listings that are reserved for such professionals and which you will not be able to see when browsing the internet. For the most access to available properties, it's good to hire an agent.

2. Time-saving, effective negotiations

Negotiating the sale of a home or investment property can often be time-consuming and a much longer process than many buyers realize. One reason for this is that a buyer is often very inexperienced when it comes to offering bids on a property, and may assume that they should grossly underbid and have the seller make a counteroffer. This can make the process more drawn out than it needs to be, since not all sellers will even entertain lowball offers or counteroffer at all. The buyer then needs to return again and again with a new offer.

A buyer's agent will be much more experienced in the negotiating process, knowing a reasonable offer with which to start, and knowing what extras or amenities they can ask for on behalf of the buyer. For instance, they may know when an offer is high enough to also ask that the closing costs be paid for by the seller, or may know how to point out defects in a house or investment property so that a lower offer will be entertained. To make the negotiations a quick and effective as possible, a buyer's agent can be the right choice.

For more information, contact a buyer's agent in your area.