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Travelling With Your Dog: 6 Amenities You Need in Your Serviced Apartment

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If you are travelling with a dog and want to rent a serviced apartment, there are certain amenities that can make the experience better for both you and your canine friend. Before you book your serviced flat, here are just a few of the dogg-friendly features you should consider seeking:

1. Dog acceptance

Before showing up at a serviced apartment with your canine companion, make sure that the facility accepts dogs. Keep in mind that like regular hotels and flats, not all serviced apartments accept dogs, and you certainly don't want to be turned away at the last moment. Also, inquire about any dog related costs or fees so you are informed and prepared.  

2. Daily cleaning

As your pet is likely to shed and even possibly have accidents in the flat, look for a serviced apartment that offers daily cleaning. That ensures that there is no pet fur on the furniture or carpet which in turn keeps it off your clothing.

Whether you have a dog with you or not, daily cleaning also helps to make the apartment feel nicer and more luxurious.

3. Washer and dryer

Lest your dog gets muddy pawprints on your clothing, you want to be able to wash it off as quickly as possible. To that end, look for a serviced apartment that has a washer and dryer in it.

4. Ample space

Serviced apartments range in size. They can be small efficiency apartments or large two to three bedroom flats. If you have a small dog, you can likely fit into any size of serviced flat. However, if your dog is relatively large, you want to make sure you rent an apartment that is big enough for him to roam around in.

5. Concierge services

A concierge gives you the knowledge a local has, and that can be extremely helpful when you have a dog with you in a strange town. A concierge can help you connect with dog walkers, sitters and groomers to help your stay be more convenient and pleasant.

6. Cable TV

If you are going to be out and about every day with your dog, you don't really need to worry about cable TV unless you want that amenity for your own amusement. However, if you plan to leave your dog in the flat alone, cable can be soothing for your dog. When you leave the TV on when you leave, it can help to relax your dog and make him feel less lonely.

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