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Found Mould in Your Rented Home? Here’s What You Need to Do

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As a tenant in a rental property, you are responsible for keeping the property clean and orderly. Should there be damage to the property, you need to report it to the landlord or to the real estate agent who manages the property. Does mould count as damage? It’s something that can affect any home, regardless of its age, although of course older properties are more susceptible as untreated mould has had longer to develop. So what do you need to do if you discover mould in your rented property? Document the Mould Should you need to prove the severity of the mould at a later stage, you will need to document the problem. Take clear photographs of the mould, using a flash to show the mould in the greatest possible detail. Make Contact You will need to contact the landlord or real estate agent to inform them of the problem. It might feel like it’s the quickest and easiest option to clean the mould yourself by using an anti-microbe scrub (available from hardware shops), but the agent or landlord might have their own required procedure to deal with the issue. Request an Inspection Hopefully the mould will be an isolated incident, but it’s important to be thorough. Request a professional mould inspection. The visible mould will be noted, and other parts of the property will also be inspected. Mould might be developing inside a ceiling or wall, even if it’s not yet visible on the plaster. Taking Action Mould can be caused by any number of sources, and it might be a leaking pipe inside a wall, or perhaps an issue with the roof that is allowing a small amount of moisture into the ceiling cavity. If the issue is not your fault, you are well within your rights to request that any damage is repaired as soon as possible. Disputes If the landlord or estate agent does not take reasonable action to fix the issue, you might wish to consider vacating the property. In most cases, mould is little more than an inconvenience. Mould spores can be a health hazard if you or anyone in your home is affected by asthma or another respiratory ailment, or has a compromised immune system for any reason. You can claim that the property is not habitable due to the mould. This is a worst case scenario, and a property owner or manager will most likely fix the problem without any further disputes. It’s in their best interests to maintain the property in order to secure the income that comes from renting it. Having said that, if the mould is deemed to be your fault, then you might be liable for cleaning and any repairs. This could be damage to the property that has allowed moisture to penetrate the premises, or failure to reasonably ventilate the property (particularly in the bathroom and laundry areas). Mould will only get worse, so should you notice mould growing on a wall or ceiling in your rented property, you will need to take immediate...

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Security Screen Doors: Structural Elements to consider Before Purchase

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The security screen door is a beneficial feature that you should incorporate into your home. This door reinforces the security provided against intruders through the primary residential entrances. In simple terms, the extra screen door will deter or at least the robber or burglar, giving you enough time to seek help. Moreover, the new structure will allow you to open the doors for ventilation and natural light without concerns for your safety. There are numerous security doors in the market, and they will offer different levels of protection. Here are the primary structural elements that you should consider before purchase to ensure that the security door is reliable. Framing Material The framing material is a critical module is a security door, so you should compare the options before purchase. Generally, you will find two main materials in the modern market: steel and aluminium. Steel is the most favourable choice because the metal is strong and heavy. This means that it cannot be easily bent or lifted from its position in the entranceway. On the other hand, the material will rust in humid environments, so choose galvanised or stainless steel. Aluminium is a lightweight alternative, so it can be warped using mechanical pressure. Therefore, if you choose this material, ensure that the metal is structural-grade, reinforced aluminium. Infill Options The type of infill in the security screen door will affect both your security and comfort. In simple terms, a weak infill will be penetrable with simple wire cutters and a poorly woven one will not allow natural light and breeze to flow into the house. The most reliable option for homes is the stainless steel mesh. This woven material is strong and can withstand mechanical impact and pressure. It is not susceptible to rusting, so the structure will not weaken over time. Often, this type has fine mesh that does not interfere with visual appeal. Steel bars or grilles are also very secure against intruders, but the structure will affect the home aesthetics. It is ill-advised to choose aluminium mesh because this lightweight material will be nothing more than a decorative flyscreen. Locking Element The locking component for your door should be selected carefully because it will determine the ultimate security provided. Simply speaking, an unreliable lock will make the security door will be easy to penetrate even when the other elements are secure. Therefore, choose a locking mechanism that will withstand picking and breakage attempts. For example, triple-lock systems will lock the top, bottom and centre locking elements for ideal security.  For more information, contact companies like Bonds Security...

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Four Reasons Foreign Investors Should Buy Retirement Homes from Developers

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If you are a foreigner interested in investing in Australian real estate, you have to submit an application with the Foreign Investment Review Board. Getting your application approved can be difficult, but it may be possible to improve your chances if you invest in a retirement home. Here are a few facts to consider: 1. The FIRB approvals process takes 30 days. You need 30 days for the FIRB to approve or deny your application. If you have found your dream home for retirement but it’s currently occupied, the family living in it may not be willing to wait 30 days to find out if your application has been approved. In most cases, sellers who are residing in the home simply don’t have that much time. However, if you buy a home in a new development such as a home in a retirement villa, you often have extra time. The homes are still in the process of being built in many cases, and the developer may even work with foreign investors on a regular basis.   2. The FIRB has special rules for properties in proposed developments. The FIRB allows developers of new properties, including retirement villas full of new townhomes or condos, to set aside a certain percentage of their development for foreign investors. This is referred to as “buying off the plan”, and it can make the approvals process easier. 3. Buying a retirement home from a developer grants you special privileges. In most cases, foreign investors are not allowed to buy homes unless they plan to reside in them. However, if you buy a home directly from a developer, you get special privileges. Namely, you can rent out or sell it. This is ideal if you are not quite ready to retire — you can buy the home, rent it out and then move in when you retire. If you change your mind about retiring in Australia, you can simply sell the property. 4. Long stay retirees have a better chance of being approved by the FIRB. If you are ready to retire right away, you aren’t even limited to new developments. If you are at least 55, have between $500,000 and $750,000 and meet a few other criteria, you may be able to get a retirement visa to Australia. Long-stay retirees who want to buy a home to live in through their retirement have an easier time getting approval from the FIRB. For more information on investing in a retirement home in Australia, contact a developer....

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4 Passive Income Solutions

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Everybody is looking for a way to make extra money without extra work. These four solutions for creating a passive income have varying levels of risk and require some initial outlay of time and money. No method is 100% passive, but these solutions require little effort after they’re up and running. You can even earn while you sleep. Blogging Here, you can play to your strength. Choose a topic that you love and write passionately about it. If people like your blog and share it, you may get to the top of Google’s search results. With a high search ranking, you can make money from advertising or selling things on your blog. You will need to regularly update your blog, but if you’re writing about what you love, it should feel like a hobby rather than work. Room Rental If you are fortunate enough to have a big house with rooms to spare, consider renting one or more out to holidaymakers via an online service. You’ll only need to provide bedding and breakfast. If you’re happy to have new people in your home, this is an excellent, low-effort way to earn some money. Property rental websites will do the advertising for you and collect the money for your room. Property Investment Property prices have been rising, with increases of up to 31.9% in some Australian cities in 2011. This is a good time to invest in a second property. A property investment service can advise you on where and what to buy. They’ll help you decide whether you should be looking for a long-term investment to support you in your retirement years, or a short term money boost. The initial investment of time and money is not to be taken lightly, and there is no guarantee that the market will keep climbing. If you rent, you also have the worry of problem tenants and potential damage to your house. However, the monetary benefits are well worth it. Some of these risks can be mitigated by using a property management service, having enough insurance, and getting good advice.    Peer to Peer Lending This is the most passive of all the solutions, as it requires very little effort from you. All you’ll need is an investment of money. As a peer to peer lender, you will loan money to people you do not know. You’ll have the opportunity to gain higher returns than many banks get. However, there is always a risk that the person you lend money to will default on the loan. You have a choice of companies you can partner with. These companies will credit check and cherry pick the borrowers, making the process safer for you. If somebody defaults, your chosen company will pursue payment from the debtors so you don’t have to chase...

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Using Removalists for small jobs

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If you are currently on the move, but don’t have many possessions ,it can be tempting to forego a removalist and just attempt a DIY move with mates to help out. However, there are some good reasons to pony up with a little cash and get your stuff moved professionally.  They’ll turn up on time Using a removalist means ensures a level of professionalism in the way the move is handled. This includes the fact that removalists will turn up at the time that they promised, and will get the job done as quickly as possible. Removalists are eager to the job done as quickly as possible so they can move onto the other tasks in their day. They also have back up plans, including extra workers, available if there is a problem such as someone calling in sick or a broken truck. This can be very reassuring if you only have a short window of time to move from your current abode into the new house.  They know what they are doing When trying to get a bed or bookcase down a narrow stairwell or secure a rickety piece of furniture, the value of professional removalists becomes apparent. They can find ways to manoeuvre tricky pieces of furniture through tight spaces with out scratching walls or damaging paint work—which can help ensure you get that all important rental bond back from the landlord. They can also secure your furniture so that it doesn’t rattle around and get damaged in transit, so your furniture should arrive at your destination in the same condition it left your previous home in.  They’ve got all the right equipment at hand Removalists arrive at your place with all of the right equipment including tapes for your drawers, and trolleys to help carry heavy equipment like fridges out to the van. As they have everything prepared the job can be completed much more quickly, and there is no risk of needing to make extra payments on the day for unexpected equipment needs.  While moving house can be a drag, using professional removals can help you to get the job done as quickly as possible. Knowing that the removalists will come on time and get the job done quickly can minimise the stress associated with moving house. Many removalists have extremely affordable rates for smaller jobs, so why not call a removalist for a quote...

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Often Overlooked Tips to Successful Home Property Sales

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Successful home sales is about more than just the location of your property and the asking price; if your home is in a saturated real estate market, meaning there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, you need to consider what you can do to get it sold other than just advertising the address and price. Note a few often overlooked tips to successful home property sales that you will want to consider if you’re thinking of selling your home. 1. Empty the closets Many new homebuyers are looking for a home with lots of storage, but if the closets are cramped and crowded, they may look much smaller than they really are. It’s good to take out whatever you need from the closets so they look roomy and spacious; rent a storage facility you can use to store off-season clothes and items you won’t need while your home is on the market so the interior storage spaces look roomy. 2. Add light A light and bright home can seem cleaner and more welcoming, so add light wherever possible. Open blinds and curtains during a showing, clean the windows for maximum light and turn on lamps even during the daytime when prospective buyers walk through. 3. Sell your home daily Selling your home daily means to constantly check the comp prices of nearby homes for sale, the traffic you may be getting to a website advertising your home, and the like. Doing this once a month may mean missing out on prospective buyers because you haven’t done enough advertising of your home and aren’t adjusting the price according to nearby comps. Be involved in the selling process regularly so you get your home sold sooner. 4. Small fixes can add up Don’t assume that potential homebuyers will overlook floors that creak or plumbing pipes that bang around every time you flush the toilet. Buyers usually don’t want to move into a home that needs any repair, even small fixes. Take the time to make those small fixes that keep your home presentable and competitive with other homes on the market and you might not lose as many prospective homebuyers. 5. Always be ready to show If you have a “for sale” sign in the front yard, you might have prospective buyers drop by unexpectedly, hoping for a tour. Keep your house clean at all times, make the beds every morning, and remove the clutter even if you don’t have an actual showing scheduled. That unexpected visitor may be the one buyer who gives you the offer you want, if they like what they see when they walk through the...

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Proper Commercial Property Maintenance Practices

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Proper commercial property maintenance practices are important to ensure the property remains at peak efficiency. Maintenance reduces the frequency at which equipment is replaced and the necessity of expensive repairs. When commercial property is maintained properly, the occupants have no reason to complain or move out of the premises due to mismanagement. But how best can you perform this maintenance? Proper Planning Commercial property maintenance can be done daily, monthly, seasonally or even annually depending on the type of property being maintained. This calls for proper planning on the side of the maintenance manager. The following steps are important for a manager to take care of: Develop proper schedules that designate the number of hours the maintenance technicians are supposed to carry out their duties. Provide the number of individuals assigned the tasks. Clearly state the frequency of maintenance tasks to ensure these tasks are not performed haphazardly. Those that are supposed to be done on a daily basis should be clearly stated (these are tasks like cleaning, dusting and gardening). Have a clear indication of the steps that should be taken to properly maintain the property. Provide a clear budget for maintenance tasks for proper overall commercial accounting. Organization It’s important to consider using modern technology because the traditional paper inventories are not good enough for modern commercial property maintenance practices. Therefore, the following tips will serve to enlighten maintenance managers on the best ways to go about their tasks: Spreadsheets are helpful to keep track of maintenance tasks. These can be used in the development of schedules for technicians and janitors. They are useful in assigning each maintenance task to particular technicians or employees. Computers are the best choice when it comes to scheduling. Computerized maintenance and management systems are perfect for property management tasks. For example, the system can issue commercial maintenance prompts and requests at pre-set frequencies, thus making it hard to forget any tasks. The system will also provide the maintenance history of all the commercial property for easy reference and intervention. A computerised system will also hold any technician liable and accountable for particular maintenance tasks. This makes every technician perform optimally. Commercial property maintenance is an integral part of real-estate management. Preventative maintenance programs should be adhered to strictly. This ensures the property and equipment performance is efficient, thereby reducing utility expenses. It also ensures that the commercial property or equipment extends its performance life....

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How to Clean Your Cooker Hood Filter

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It’s good home maintenance to have your local professional cleaning services company in to give your cooker a really good deep clean each year. However, in between visits you can keep on top of things by cleaning your cooker hood filter yourself. The filter’s job is to trap grease generated as you cook on your hob. If the filter gets blocked, it won’t be as effective, and this could allow greasy condensation to coat your kitchen ceiling and your other appliances. All that grease traps dust and dirt where bacteria can grow, presenting a real health risk to you and your family. Cleaning the filter is a simple job that you can do yourself. Read on to find out more. What you’ll need boiling water baking soda washing-up liquid (a good quality brand with grease-busting constituents) long-handled scrubbing brush rubber gloves dish cloths or paper towels How to do it First of all, put on your rubber gloves, and remove the filter from the cooker hood. You should be able to just slide or pop the filter out, depending on the design of your cooker. If you’re in doubt, just check your manufacturer’s manual for detailed instructions.   Fill up the kitchen sink with boiling water. It’s important that the water is really hot or the grease won’t break down thoroughly.   Add a ¼ of a cup of baking soda and a generous squirt of washing-up liquid to the water. Give the solution a good mix round with the scrubbing brush.   Immerse the greasy filter in the water until it is completely submerged. Allow the filter to soak in the solution for a good 15 minutes to allow the detergent to get to work breaking down the grease.   Next, give the filter a thorough scrubbing, adding more washing-up liquid to your brush as you go. Make sure you get right into the corners of the filter and that no stubborn blobs of grease are missed.   Finally, rinse the filter thoroughly under the hot tap in your sink until all the soap has been washed away. Use clean dish cloths or paper towels to mop up as much of the water as you can from the filter, and then allow it to air-dry.   When the filter is completely dry, slide it back into the cooker hood. In between deep cleans by a company like SKG Pty Ltd, you can keep your cooker hood filter fresh by cleaning it using the guidelines given above. It’s a good idea to include this job in your list of monthly household...

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The Unique Reasons Why Rental Property Is a Good Investment

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Are you wondering about where you should invest your earnings? Are you still ambivalent about the wisdom of investing in rental property? If your answer is yes, read on and learn some of the unique benefits of rental property investment. It Is Easy to Access Other People’s Money One of the most attractive things about rental property investment is that it is very easy to get funding. Banks will not give you as much hard time as when you want to finance the purchase of a home that you will live in. This is because the rental property is an income-generating venture that assures bankers that they will get their money back. Thus, property investment offers you an avenue of growing your net worth using other people’s money. Minimal Tax Obligations Property investment is a legal way to have sizeable income that you do not pay taxes against. This is made possible by depreciation (the paper loss in the value of something). This depreciation means that each passing year may see your tax obligation decreasing. Additionally, you can spend tax-free money on many activities. For instance, you can spend pre-tax income on children who are directors in the property investment business. You can also pay for family trips to the location of the rental property. Those travel expenses will be business expenses. You should work with your accountant to ensure that you do not cross the line beyond which you may be regarded as evading taxes. It Is an Excellent Retirement Plan Today, the cost of living keeps rising. This makes it increasingly difficult for many people to save for their retirement. Property investment offers you an excellent way to save for your retirement. This is because you only put together the down payment. Subsequent mortgage payments can be paid for by the rental income from tenants. You can replicate this process and increase your retirement provisions without putting your family through the unnecessary hardship of lacking basic needs (like adequate medical insurance) due to depletion of your income by saving for retirement. It Offers You Two Channels of Growth Property investment is very attractive because it offers two ways of gaining value. One is the capital gain that comes from the appreciation of the property. This may be because the area where you acquired the property becomes more desirable so property values skyrocket. This gives you an opportunity to refinance your mortgage so that the money you receive goes towards buying other properties. The second avenue is the chance to increase the rent you charge as time passes by. This increases how much money you get from the property. Work with a real estate professional as you venture into property investment. That expert will help you to avoid making mistakes that will tie you to an unprofitable property investment (such as a property in a location that is in...

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Services Offered By A Body Corporate Management Firm

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If you’re thinking about buying a business such as an apartment complex or group of townhouses, you will become a body corporate, also referred to as an owner’s corporation. A body corporate designation applies to any business that has a subdivision, so it would also include owners of office complexes. Local Councils require that the owners of a body corporate adhere to regulations regarding things such as the administration of their property and maintaining liability insurance. Body corporate management firms can manage your company on your behalf, and ensure that your business run efficiently. Here are some of the services they can offer you. Setting Up Your Body Corporate — These firms can help you establish your body corporate from the ground up. They are trained to help you create your by-laws, inspect your property to ensure that there are no safety issues, obtain property insurance, establish contracts with maintenance professionals, prepare all your business documents and assign you a body corporate manager who will be responsible for all aspects of setting up your business. By using a management firm to set up your body corporate, you are ensuring compliance with all regulations. Conduct Body Corporate Meetings — Body corporate management firms can also help you set up your committee meetings, run the meetings on your behalf, keep the minutes of the meetings, and advise you on when general meetings, annual meetings and emergency meetings need to take place. Financial Management — To run your business efficiently, a body corporate management firm can also create your annual budget, help you convince your shareholders or board of directors to adopt the budget, ensure that you are paying all your corporate debts, including payroll taxes, help identify areas in which you are spending too much money, advise on ways to reduce your expenditures and keep an accurate record of all your financial statements and bank records. Property Management — As the owner of a body corporate, one of your most important tasks is to ensure that all common areas on your property are well-maintained to ensure safety. You must also be responsive to the maintenance needs of your tenants, whether in an office complex, apartment building or group of condominiums. Body corporate managers can offer you property management services, in which they will handle all maintenance requests, including quotes from repair companies, processing work orders and dealing with emergency situations that involve the police, fire department or an ambulance. Contact a company like R. Jackson Pty Ltd if you have specific questions about body corporate...

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